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Meet Sarita Stewart

Making Dreams Come True!

Sarita Stewart has been blessed with the gift of design and an unmatched eye for décor.

Founding her own company, S.S. Décor in 2018, she has worked closely with brides and grooms to create their dream wedding, transformed home spaces into masterpieces, and did it all with professionalism and a smile.


A graduate of the Paier College of Art, Sarita has allowed her talent, her focus, and most importantly, her passion, to spearhead her successes in creating vibrant weddings, unforgettable parties, and stunning home re-vamps.


Sarita has left her mark on all she has encountered with her one-of-a-kind designs and a decade of customer service experience that allows her to offer a high-quality, hands-on experience that clients can be confident in and trust. 

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MON - FRI - 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

SUNDAY - Closed

 Servicing Connecticut, Tri-State & New England Locations 

 TELEPHONE:  203-723-3880


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